What our Customers say...


We had experienced a sump pump failure and Nolan (and the team) went above and beyond.  He was professional, communicated well, got the job done, and made the best of what was a terrible situation.  We couldn't have asked for more.

The service was performed at our lake home and we were not able to be on site during the cleaning/restoration process.  We did receive photos and updates via email which were very informative and documented the progress throughout the job.

More proof that SERVPRO of Brainerd and Park Rapids is "Here to Help.

On April 23rd we experienced a sewage backup in our basement.  We called SERVPRO right away and our experience with them is worthy of telling others.

I have been telling everyone about SERVPRO and what excellent work they do.  The constant communication to me as they did the work was very much appreciated!  I have been watching those TV commercials for a long time and had the chance to use them.  Best help ever!  Thank you!

Frozen Pipe Burst

On February 1st I had a pipe burst in my lower level.  SERVPRO was able to get out to my house within the hour and begin taking care of my situation.

I had a second leak in another part of my house later in the evening and called SERVPRO back; even though they had just left hours earlier and had been there all day.  I was very impressed.

What a great group of people to work with - kept us informed and did a GREAT JOB!!

Dear Greg and Laura,

My partner, Roxanne, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you both (and your great staff), for the very thorough post-construction cleanup done by your company on a large home we manage on Gull Lake.  Your crew:  Jen, Leah, Josh, Logan, Frank, Kelly and Steve, were very professional, hardworking and pleasant to have on the jobsite with us.  This was a big undertaking, but the SERVPRO team was not intimidated, and completed the job on time.  The homeowners were very happy and satisfied with the results.

Additionally, your company had completed and extensive water cleanup, caused by a frozen pipe, on this same home two years prior.  That cleanup was also handled very professionally and thoroughly.

In conclusion, anytime we are faced with a home cleanup disaster, the first phone call we make will be to SERVPRO of Brainerd and Park Rapids!


Mark A. Trees and Roxanne M. Tuomi

The start of a quiet Tuesday in December changed quickly when a puncture of the city's water line in front of our office building caused significant flooding and damage to our building.  Water was pouring into our basement and seeping into our reception area at a rapid pace.  I immediately called SERVPRO of Brainerd and Park Rapids, and it was as if I had called '911' for our building.  Laura, who answered the phone, asked me several questions to assess the situation as quickly as possible; she called her team in from the field to load the equipment they would need; and then communicated an action plan to me.  The team (which was 45 minutes away) arrived within an hour and a half after my initial call.  Unfazed by the 32" of water in our 3500 square foot basement, the team leader sat sown with us to describe what needed to be done and how long it would take to complete.  After the 'day of the flood', the SERVPRO team worked every day until the job was complete.  Needless to say, we felt that we were in very good, experienced hands in this crisis situation.  Thank you, SERVPRO, for your quick, professional, organized, and calm response!  We will call you again if we ever encounter such a problem again.  

Laura Hansen, Bill Hansen Realty

I was confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the SERVPRO Franchise's on-site personnel who performed the services at my home.

I was impressed by the SERVPRO Franchise's on-site personnel that performed services at my residence.

They were up front, direct, hard-workers, knowledgeable and looked at the whole project.

They worked with me not against me.

I really appreciate the professionalism.  I was always called back and there was great communication about what was going on and what the plan was and I really appreciate that.  Even when this didn't work out for them to come back to clean the ducts, they called and we made an alternative plan.  I appreciate the professionalism of that & I understand that emergencies happen for your business. So I was glad you got to me on the 1st day, I needed it, so I don't mind having the follow up delayed.

What a Great group of people to work with.  Kept us informed and did a Great job!

What recommendations would you have to help the SERVPRO franchise improve its performance in the future?

NONE (Excellent!)(Wish I could do a 10+)

SERVPRO was here immediately and stayed until most of the mess was cleaned up on the 1st day (furniture, insulation, sheetrock) and was here everyday monitoring and continuing to clean.

SERVPRO has been amazing.  I'll start there.  We had a core group that consisted of Jen (obvious team leader, don't know her title), Amber, Sam and Ryan.  In no particular order.  They were all amazing and professional!  At first it was uncomfortable as we walked through our mess and had to have things pointed out to us.  What began as an invasive thing ended up as a wonderful experience.

I am very impressed with your people, your company, the thoroughness and the attention to detail is amazing.  I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone, anytime and am very thankful for your kind, caring people.  I wish I could express how deeply I feel about the job done here.  It goes way beyond the cleaning to an emotional level that I cannot adequately express.

OH! I forgot to mention how much trust played into this.  Having strangers in and out of your house, basically handling all of your personal belongings is a big deal too.  I grew to trust the team that was in our home, and have not ever had to worry about whether or not anything was taken or whatever.  Thanks for that!

Take care and God Bless

Thank you to Sam and Kelly.

Everything was taken care of promptly, effectively and efficiently.

We were VERY satisfied with the SERVPRO company and their attention to detail.  Sam kept us informed with what they were doing, why they were doing it and the progress and the way.  We thank you for your professionalism and would HIGHLY recommend!!

SERVPRO did a Fabulous job on everything. They explained everything very well, everything down to the "Safety Data Sheets."

Just a note,

"The gentlemen who cleaned my carpet did a fantastic job.

They called ahead.

Arrived on time.

Finished in an efficient amount of time.

Took Before and After photos.

Were careful with equipment and my belongings.

Were very polite and personable."

Thank you.

Personnel never seemed to be in a hurry - our place was the number one concern every time they stopped!  No question was too small - every effort was made to answer in understandable terms.

These guys were phenomenal in both their professionalism and knowledge.  The work they performed exceeded my expectations.

I will definitely call SERVPRO in the future for annual cleanings. Great Job!!

Very good prompt response to our situation.  Everyone that came was knowledgeable and a Team Player.

Steve takes obvious pride in his profession and customer satisfaction.


Just want to thank you again for the way in which you took care of our water problem last month.

You came quickly and did all that was needed and seemed to truly care about our carpet and everything else.

The carpet is back in and baseboards back on - everything is tight - and our basement rooms all look just as they did before the water heater tank leaked.

We will definitely recommend you, if the opportunity arises.